What is my Size

We love Lingerie & Sleepwear And we guess you do too !? Different Lingerie & Sleepwear can be used for almost all occasions. 
They look good, and they are comfortable wearing. But be sure to buy the right Size - see our Length Guide. 
See below to determine your Lingerie & Sleepwear size. Useful when shopping for Lingerie & sleepwear online!

How to determine that my Size ?!

You will need to take Three(3) body measurements to determine your size: waist measurement and hips measurement. See how to measure here:


Under bust

Measure around your chest just below the swell of your breast. Make certain the measuring tape is snug, but not constricting. 
This measurement is your underbust, as shown in the diagram.


Waist & Hips

Waist: Measure around your natural waistline. This is the slimmest part of your waist/torso. Not sure where to find your waistline? 
Stand in front of a mirror, and bend to one side. Your waistline is simply where you can see a natural indentation in torso on this side. 
Note: Waist measurement is a reference measurement. So even though your skirt will sit longer down on your body, it is important to measure at the slimmest part of your waist.

Hips (seat): Measure circumference around your hips (seat) at the fullest part.