Lingerie is the ultimate passion of every single woman, the sensual link with her body, which makes her look stunning inside and out. When it comes to lingerie, we think much before choosing one. Lingerie tells a lot about a woman, especially her character, taste and the purpose for which she has chosen this or that particular piece.

In today’s variety of trendy, colorful lingerie your head can go dizzy. Women start trying on different bras, corsets, comparing one with another and spending an entire day in a lingerie boutique to find the one that matches them best. There are women who know their size pretty well and do not even need to try a bra or a pair of lovely panties. But whenever you are going to wear a tight blouse or a transparent one, it is really important to check the top with the bra first, before buying it.

The choice of the right lingerie is very crucial for your overall look. Your outer clothes will not look fine if not worn on a smooth and correct base that is created by the lingerie. When choosing lingerie imagine how it will fit your body, for what occasions you can wear them and what clothes it will go with. Say good bye to those old fashioned grandma’s lingerie pieces that make you look old, weary and ugly. Choose the lingerie that is bright, lively and soft. Learn how to choose the right lingerie for you below.

How to Choose the Right Bra

Pick the Right Size

Some of us have already mastered in picking the right lingerie knowing our exact size and grabbing it without trying on. Others however, always undergo lots of trials to find the correct one. Especially women, whose bust line is thin but the cups are bigger, face a real catastrophe to get the matching bra that will fit tight enough not to have a loose look. Besides, since women are always fighting for keeping fit, their sizes, accordingly, change quite often. When losing even a couple pounds, your bra size will no longer be the same. So it is better to first try the lingerie without relying on the previous size your purchased last.

When it comes to choosing a bra for pregnant women, dear mommies, never take tight ones. In this case you can even take a half size larger bra, since your bosom keeps on growing throughout the pregnancy. Besides once the bra is tight you will feel discomfort and the tight bra line will make it difficult for you to breathe.

For the rest of the cases, the bra should fit you perfectly, making you feel comfortable in it. It should not be either loose, or very tight. It should fit, but still give you room to move. It should show off all your curves as well.

Pay Attention to the Bra Type

Once you decide your bra size, it comes to the bra type. There are different bras, like pushups, super pushups, full support bras, corsets, built-in bras that come together with atop or t-shirt, as well as adhesive ones.
When taking a pushup bra consider your bust size first. Pushups are ideal for those with medium size bust, when there is what to be pushed up for a sexier look. Normally girls with small bust opt for this type thinking it will make their bust look bigger, but sometimes it does not work so. And for larger bust this bra type isn’t recommended, since your bust will look even larger and fleshy.

Adhesive bras are very trendy, since they are strapless and backless. They are picked for special occasions, when the dress requires an appropriate bra. They are silicone ones usually that can be washed and reused. However this type has little support and only small or medium sized busts can look well in them.

Corsets are not practical and are worn either by a bride or for special occasions. Corsets give the bride a more slender look, straightening her back and highlighting her breast area.

Lingerie Colors

It is not a good idea to choose lingerie of white color, since no matter how careful and clean you are they lose their color and become somewhat grayish after several times of being washed. Besides white or any other light colored bra, like nude ones, are not so interesting for your man. Give preference to hotter colors like pink, red, of course, timeless black, as well as any other color that you like. They can be of two colors at the same time, like a red bra with black laces.

It’s also a great idea to go for printed bras, if certainly they match your outfits. You can be a lovely kitten, for instance, by opting for leopard printed bras, or a romantic lady picking something with delicate floral prints or dots. Anything will work, unless it suits your top.

Also pay attention to the details of the bra you are choosing. Bras with sophisticated embroidery, lace details or any other adornments certainly look prettier.

Picking the Right Underwear

It’s also important to choose comfortable panties in high-quality fabrics. When it comes to your underwear, try to avoid thongs for everyday wear. Regardless of how trendy they look, you may feel uncomfortable in them. Besides, thongs are harmful for your health, if you keep on wearing them on the daily basis.

Instead, you can go for panties in vibrant designs with lovely embellishments and in juicy colors and look even sexier.

Matching Lingerie

If you want to have a gorgeous look never take panties separately and a bra separately. It is better to take the set together, so that to look neat and trendy. Or if the bra comes without panties then at least take your time to match a correct one.

Take the panties in the same color as your bra or contrast ones and match the texture. You can have several matching panties of different shapes to one and the same bra. It is really ugly when the bra is cute but the panties are like from your grandma’s wardrobe. Pay attention to every detail and make the right choice, for whatever occasion you are buying the set.

Choose the Best Texture

Even though best textured lingerie is much expensive, never economize on your lingerie. They are what touch your body and you should think about the good quality of the lingerie that will let your body breathe. Never take synthetic ones for everyday use. Wear them for time to time. For this you can go for high quality fine satin or silk set of lingerie. Cotton ones, are comfortable and soft, but they tend to wear off pretty soon.

Lingerie for Romantic Occasions

No matter how much your man loves you, first of all he always appreciates your creativity and enthusiasm in the way you dress. No matter what he says about your look, deep in heart he always imagines you undressed, in lingerie in a romantic atmosphere. To keep your beloved one close to you and astonish him with your sexuality, pay attention to your lingerie first of all. Even if you think that you have already become two close creatures that have everything in common and can feel quite comfortable at the presence of each other, never lose control over yourself and appear in an inappropriate look in front of him. Men remember every mistake for a long time. Keep the pulse and follow yourlingerie wardrobe, refreshing it every now and then.

When choosing lingerie keep in mind that it should correspond to your man’s taste and preferences as well. Do not think about yourself only. Feel free to take any extraordinary, transparent lingerie to impress your man.

For a romantic evening take something really appealing. A corset with a string of red color is a classical choice. You can also take push up bras regardless of the bra size, since there is going to be only the two of you. If your bust is small then try to switch the attention of your beloved onto other parts of the body, like your legs. For these take stockings with garters, that takes a man’s head off. Spend much time on the correct choice of this special set and spend an unforgettable night with your beloved.

It’s also important to pay attention to the way you wear and store your lingerie pieces, if you want to make them last longer. Keep in mind that quality, good lingerie is the number one confidence booster! So don’t economize and go for the best only, as you really deserve this.