Lies Everyone's Telling You About Lingerie

Lingerie can be a lot of things—necessary, sexy, delicate, strong, beautiful—but what it certainly is not is the sum of its misconceptions. Openly talking about lingerie is not something most women are comfortable with, and because of that, a whole circle of "lies" has developed around the topic, further pushing women into their holes of uncertainty and intimidation when it comes to their underpinnings. Suddenly, they find themselves too intimidated to ask questions, chained to their ideas of what lingerie even is, and imprisoned by the picture of their body they've painted in their head. The only way to break free of these negative connotations is to read this article. Okay, I'm only joking, but the lingerie experts ahead have many feelings about these misconceptions surrounding lingerie and today, they're here to officially squash them.

Today, you'll be hearing from Sandra Rose, VP merchandising and brand at Journelle, and the lovely team from Addition Elle as they reveal the nine biggest lies everyone is telling you about lingerie. From sizing to silhouettes, there's a lie in here that will resonate with each and every one of you—I'm sure of it. After reading (and shopping) these expert tips on what lingerie actually is and how this can apply to your own negligee drawer, your lingerie life will be smooth sailing.

LIE: If you have a larger cup size, you have to wear underwire. 

"Although underwire provides exceptional support, there are great wireless options for larger busts.

LIE: Underwires are uncomfortable. 

"If you're wearing the right size in the right bra, you should never notice the underwire. Most underwire complaints are the results of a too-small cup or a bra band that's riding up at the back. A well-fitted bra that feels like a second skin can make all the difference for your comfort." 

LIE: All breasts fit in all bras as long as you're wearing the right size.

"Everyone is shaped differently. This means that there are styles that will work for you and others that probably won't fit as well. This is normal! If you notice that plunge bras dig into your breast tissue and cause the dreaded 'quad-boob effect' this may mean that your breasts are fuller on top. 

On the contrary, if you notice gaping in your cups, you may be shallower on top. 

"Just like our individual bodies, each bra brand and bra style is unique. There are many different shapes of breasts and a variety of bra styles that work for each shape. Even within brands, collections may fit differently. It's important to try before you buy or order multiple sizes, just to be on the safe side!"

LIE: Style is more important than fit.

"The first rule is to know your size. Nobody wants the dreaded double bubble. Too many women wear the wrong size, so it's important to get fitted by a bra fit specialist. Plus, the perfect-fitting bra can change over time. Get refitted if you experience a significant change in your body weight that affects the fit of your bra." 

LIE: You can't wear a pretty bra every day. Unlined bras aren't supportive and are only for special occasions.  

"We couldn't disagree more! We love to see confident individuals who want to wear pretty styles as part of their everyday routine. Gorgeous, shape, and comfort for wear throughout the day, all while being standout and super flattering. The components that make a great everyday bra are strong cups, quality seaming, and a well-fitting band, making all three of these styles top contenders." 

LIE: Padded bras add volume.   

"If you wear the right bra size, a padded bra will enhance your shape, smooth your breasts, and cover your nipples, but it won’t add volume. Rather, it enhances what you have while giving you a smooth, streamlined look. If you're looking for more oomph, a push-up bra, or balconette, is a great option."

LIE: You can never "become" a lingerie person.

"Design variation is vast in modern lingerie. It seems that more and more lingerie brands are catering to the diversity of all individuals. While we love a classic, lacy three-piece set, there are options and styles well beyond to fit a variety of needs and wants. A style like the Bodysuits is a fresh take on delightful and sweet lingerie. Then you have the many Teddy styles that are perfect for those who want to express their love for boldness, sexuality, and power. The spectrum is boundless, and we guarantee that there is something for you that will have you feeling confident and beautiful. 

LIE: Once you get fit, that's your bra size forever.

"Maybe the biggest lie of them all! Breast size, shape, and density can change quite often, throughout the year and sometimes even throughout the month. Life changes, body changes, pregnancy, and nursing can also affect your size. It's essential to get fit often. we recommend getting measured. This way, we can make sure you're leaving with a well-fitting piece that is comfortable and providing you with the correct support.

LIE: One bra can serve all functions—day or night.  

"One bra is not enough! A well-stocked lingerie drawer should include the following essential styles: a lightly padded T-shirt bra, a strapless underwire bra, a wire-free bra with molded cups, and a lace or embroidered bra with decorative straps that will embrace your curves and give you a flattering cleavage. And if you're active, a sports bra with at least medium support is a must!"

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